NuMedia Studios was founded in 2008 (and Co-Headed) by Huntley Ritter and Michael Kernan, with Huntley handling the creative side and Michael handling the business and dealmaking side of NuMedia. Huntley is one of the top television creators and producers in the industry.  

Michael is the former Co-Head of Digital Media and Vice-President of Business Affairs at one of the largest talent agencies in the world, International Creative Management (ICM). Michael was an agent and executive at ICM for eight years and rose to co-handling digital media deals for ICM's Los Angeles, New York and London offices.

NuMedia has become one of the premiere digital media companies coupling top talent, including writers, directors, actors, comedians, content creators and media companies with advertisers to create social and interactive content for the Internet and multi-platform television. With employees in Los Angeles, New York, Washington D.C., and Atlanta, NuMedia has strong relationships with advertisers, issue-based content financiers, and other funders of digital content.

NuMedia provides media companies and brands with targeted initiatives that meet marketing objectives. We deliver premium online video along with social interactivity to targeted advertising demos through top portals, such as Facebook, Google AdSense, and a scaled distribution network. For example, on Facebook the top influencers are friends and our focus on this model yields results for clients and partners targeting specific audiences. The key to this success is to focus on the content. Our strategy is being customer-centric focusing on the needs of the funder of the content while creating something the audience, who are the ultimate consumers, wants.

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